Pleasure To Treasure

When I think of you,
I think of you with pleasure.
Such as Mother Nature,
Who offers all her treasures.

A pleasant and peaceful valley,
kissed by the rising sun.
With a silver stream,
Thats flowing pure and clean.
and everything is free to run and play

Mother Spirit is sitting there among the flowers,
with a smile upon her face.
A family of deer lays beside her,
To share her warm embrace.

The Birds all sing their happy songs,
and bees are buzzing around.
Kissing each and every flower.

This is a beautiful and wonderful place that I speak of,
You can always find it.
Should you decide to go there,
Close your eyes,and open your heart and mind.
Know you are loved.....
Vivian copywrite 2002
Lake Angel

My dear PatchesAngel made this for me
Love you Sissy, Always!

The song playing is "Please, Remember Me"
Performed by Tim McGraw

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