"One Source: One Light. Pray for Peace,"

Artist, Bill Buerge

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The Masterís Words

The Master came and stood by me
to whisper gently in my ear
words my heart did need to hear.
The Master told of compassionate love
so I knew this Master must really be

Guan Yin, Goddess from the days of old
before the west came to know the history of Beijing.
The Master told of peace and goodwill
so I knew the Master must surely be Hindu.

The Master spoke a phrase not caught
but I knew it surely must be of Tao that he spoke.
Again the Master spoke to me
and told of days as a Tibetan monk
so I knew this surely to be
Buddha himself, come to comfort me.

I turned my head as I tried to see
the image of the Master
and I saw a light so shining bright
it surely must be - Jesus Christ.

The Master spoke of many faiths.
Speaking quietly in many tongues
the sounds of which did sing to me
of memories long since gone

in history, as I was told how close to God
these words of love, did bring me.
Before me flashed a vision bright
of people young and old
who wore the faces of colours many.

The master showed me where I stood
among these people so
for each and everyone of them
was connected to my soul Ė somehow.

With tears of joy, I stretched my arms
and embraced each one of you
that I may share The Masterís words
in a tongue that you do know.
Gaele Arnott - © 16 March 03

Millenium Evolution

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